Phoenix Zoo animal silhouette self watering planter

We are proud collaborate with the Phoenix Zoo on this guest artist series!   We at Refresh Glass focus on improving the environment through community collected upcycled glass, and the Phoenix Zoo helps thousands of beautiful animals who share the environment with us. 

Here are some interesting fun facts about the 4 different animals, engraved individually on each glass in this themed set.   All residents at the zoo!

  • The Masai giraffe is the largest of nine subspecies of giraffe. Their spots are shaped more like oak leaves and as with all giraffes, no two patterns are the same.
  • The Gila monster can be found across most of western and southern Arizona, often above rocky drainages and rugged slopes. Gila monsters are the only venomous lizard in the United States.
  • The common crane, also known as the Eurasian crane, is a large, stately bird and a medium-sized crane. The Zoo is home to nearly 500 birds and over 100 different species.
  • The Phoenix Zoo was crucial to bringing the Arabian oryx back from extinction as it housed the “World Herd” and started a breeding program in the 1960s.


The Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest non-profit zoos in the country and has been creating memories for over 60 years.  A portion of your purchase impacts the more than 3,000 animals who call the Zoo home.