How Impacting the Environment can Impact your Paycheck

August 20, 2020 1 min read

How Impacting the Environment can Impact your Paycheck

Saving the environment is a no-brainer. The earth is the only home we have, after all, so we’ve got to make it last. But in your venue, it can be difficult to see the fruits of your eco-friendly labor, no matter how much water you conserve. So how can you measure and benefit from a smaller carbon footprint?

You can use recycling, and recycled products, to both you and the earth’s advantage.

Let’s look at this mathematically. If a guest drinks a bottle of wine and then buys, say, four recycled glasses from you, then the amount of recycling they’re doing outweighs the number of bottles being used. A four-to-one ratio; that’s an eco-friendly impact you don’t need a calculator to measure. Not to mention, you’re being compensated for both the wine and the glasses. 

Another way this benefits you is the street cred. The guest goes about their day, meets up with their equally sustainably-minded friends, and talks about the bar they visited that got creative with its recycling values. Not only have you helped keep glass bottles out of landfills, but you’ve gained a reputation as an environmentally-conscious venue and drawn in new potential guests.

It’s not just wine bottles you can do this with, either. Corks, plastic--anything that can be upcycled and used to walk the sustainable talk--spells out extra profits and credibility for your business. Plus it gives employees and customers alike physical, measurable proof of your green values and their benefits.

Enjoy your time making the earth last!