Three Ways to Give Gifts a Human Touch

August 13, 2020 2 min read

Three Ways to Give Gifts a Human Touch

So much of what we engage with is automated these days, even gifting. But it’s clear that connecting with your clients, employees, and coworkers isn’t something you can program; and even if it was, they wouldn’t be too happy with getting a generic gift from a robot. So how can you give your gifts the human touch and the “wow” factor they need?


Whether it’s because of fond birthday memories or because our monkey brains love to rip things open, gifts that are wrapped are much more satisfying. It shows you took the time not only to get a gift, but to pick wrapping paper, struggle to fold it right, and get tape stuck under your nails. Not to mention, people don’t get a lot of mail anymore that isn’t a bill, so a package that’s wrapped is doubly appreciated.


There are few forms of communication more personal than handwritten notes. Something as simple as a thank-you has a lot more impact when it’s written specifically with the client in mind. It shows they’re important enough to think through and personalize for, not to just send a pre-written note that gets sent to everybody.


Then there’s the matter of the gift itself. For example, if your client doesn’t celebrate Christmas, you probably don’t want to give them an ornament. If they don’t drink, a bottle of wine isn’t going to be received so well. Think back over your interactions with them and really consider which gifts will go well and which will fall flat. Are they a coffee connoisseur? Do they have pets? Do they collect bobble-heads that make you reconsider their life choices every time you pass their desk? Give them something you know they’ll value. It’s much better than getting something auto-generated and lifelessly shipped out.

We hope that’s enough to get the wheels turning and help you use this gift to connect with your clients. Good luck!