Learn How to Bring in Hotel Guests by Bringing out the Recycled Products

August 06, 2020 1 min read

Learn How to Bring in Hotel Guests by Bringing out the Recycled Products

A lot of the methods to make your venue eco-friendly seem obvious to you, but go unnoticed and/or unrecognized by your guests. Examples include recycling, using energy-efficient lights, minimizing plastic usage, etc.  You want to get the most out of going green, so how can you generate revenue and get talked about more often by being environmentally conscious?

Short answer: recycled products.

Let’s say your guests are enjoying a few drinks at the hotel bar. They’ve just gotten back from a long and successful day of conferences, theme parks, or whatever it is they’ve traveled there to do. As they chat about the day, they start noticing a few things about the bar. The bulletin board highlighting the specials is made entirely of bottle corks, and their wine glasses look quite a bit like upcycled bottles.

Your hotel has a few things to gain from those observations. For one, the guests now have something to keep your venue on their minds, even when they head home. They’ve also got something interesting to tell their friends about their stay. And if you have the resources, who knows? One of them might like those bottlecaps-turned-shotglasses so much that they want to buy some from you.

To summarize, the recycled products in your venue can provide talking points, recommendations, and some additional revenue. So now you have some ideas on how to make your business a little greener (besides just putting a recycling bin in the common area).