Refresh Glass Mug Sample :: USA, Red/ White/ Blue Handle :: With 1 Pack Box

We are excited to start offering these Refresh Glass 12oz/ 4" tall mugs with a 100% recycled plastic handle that we make in house.   For this initial Promo offering, we are making available these unengraved glasses with a USA-themed red, white, and blue handles.   Our goal is to get these in your hands to show family and friends.   They are even cooler in person. 

  • The glass and plastic are 100% rescued in the USA
  • They are manufactured in the USA
  • Decorated in the USA

Helping the environmental waste problems we have in the country where we live with our family, friends, coworkers, and communities.  

Virtuals are also available to compliment your sample:

You can also email us at to order virtuals where you can choose the glass engraving, and the two colors for the recycled plastic handle.  The base will always be white and the other colors we currently have available are as follows:  black, red, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, brown, and pink.  So when you send your virtual requests, please include the vector logo to engrave, and the two colors for the handle from the choices above.


We recommend hand washing but the handle can be removed so the glass can be washed (in a dishwasher) as well.  


These will be available in either a 1 pack or a 2 pack.   

Glass colors available:

You can choose between amber, cobalt, or clear.


MOQ of 1 for stock handles which are black and white, or red, white, and blue.

MOQ of 20 for custom color mixes (white base and two colors for brands, teams, themes, etc).