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Help your most important relationships grow for years to come!!   

Each Refresh Glass self watering wine bottle planter is 3x green, and here is why:

  1.  All of the packaging is used in the assembly of the kit, 100%!
  2. The plant consumes carbon dioxide and creates oxygen for your home
  3. The kit reuses both halves of the bottle as a part of our 10 million Bottle Rescue Mission

We strongly recommend using these with 4" Tropical or African Violet plants.  The reason being that the string constantly keeps the soil moist and many plant types like to go dry between waterings.   We also recommend placing the planter in a location near a window that gets a lot of filtered sunlight.

To those using wildflower seed paper, they work best when the seed paper piece is placed 1/8" to 1/4" just below the soil.   

For plant lovers and even more exciting for those who have a perceived black thumb.  

See this short video with our founder Ray DelMuro, and his amazing Grandma Lorraine and see how the kit easily goes together!  

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