How to grow an amazing indoor garden with self watering wine bottle planters

Whether you have a green thumb or have a hard time keeping plants alive, the self watering planters are a fantastic way for you keep a beautiful garden indoors.   The best part about these eco-friendly planters is that they are self-watering and can keep plants hydrated for up to 2 weeks.   Since they are self-watering they work best with plant varieties that like constantly wet soil.  We highly recommend tropical and African violets.  Some herbs like Basil do well but others like to go dry between watering.   Please make sure that you check to see which like constantly moist soil before planting.

3 types of planters

The Refresh Glass Planters are made from wine bottles we rescue with the help of our collection partners in our local community.   Refresh Glass has a mission to rescue over 10 Million Bottles and have a counter the website showing the current count at

These wine bottle planters are unique because they are 3x green for your indoor garden:

  1. They are made from a wine bottle that was diverted from a trashy future.
  2. All of the packaging is cleverly used in the construction of the planter = 0 waste!
  3. The plant consumed carbon dioxide and creates oxygen.

There is a string that extends between the top half that holds the bottom plant and the bottom half that holds the water.  The water wicks up the string to bring the soil to its natural saturation point and hydrate the plant with yummy water for up to 2 weeks.

Imagine how they would look in your home or on your desk at work.   Glorious!  =)

 DSC00481 .    DSC01260

Here is how to make the Refresh Glass Wine Bottle Planters step by step.  You can follow along with Ray DelMuro and his Grandma Lorraine as seen on this instructional You Tube video as well.  Link to how to make the Refresh Planter video.

Follow along with the steps below and make one of your own!


Before you begin putting it together…


Purchase your planter online at and a 4” plant of your choosing from your local plant seller.  We recommend a golden pothos for first timers.  They look great and are super easy to maintain.









Step 1  

Layout all the different planter parts:

  1. The two halves of the bottle.
  2. A screen square
  3. The circle label
  4. 4 rubber grommets
  5. A string
  6. The tape
  7. A sticker on top of the top half of the bottle

Step 2

Put the rubber grommets around the top of the bottom half of the bottle at 12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock.

3-4  5

Step 3

Fold the tape over 2x so it is ¼ its original size.

Step 4

Then double knot the string around the center of the tape so that there is about 1” left on the short end.

Step 5

Poke a hole in the center of the screen square with a pen

6-7  8

Step 6

Fold the cone along the three crease lines and make it into a cone as shown above.  Then place the circle sticker over the grey circle to hold it together.

Step 7

Place the long end of the string, down, first through the cone opening from the top, and then through the screen.   This will create the stopper and water transfer system to keep your new planter in the top half and healthy over time.

Step 8

Place the long end of the cone and string assembly in the top half of the bottle as shown and lightly pull down on the string to help center it in the glass.

9  10-11

Step 9

Using a large bowl, loosen the soil off of the plant root ball as shown above.

Step 10

Cover the cone with soil first.

Step 11

Then when you can no longer see the white inner cone, place the plant root ball on top of it.  Next pack the soil evenly around the roots and pack the soil down with moderate finger pressure.  Stop when the soil is about ½” from the top rim.


Step 12

Remove the top half with the plant from the glass and fill the glass 2/3 full with water then place the top half back in the glass so that it sits centered.  Your new indoor garden lives!

BAM, you did it!   Enjoy your new Refresh Glass self-watering planter for years to come.


We hope you enjoyed these suggestions and that they work amazingly in your home or make you look good to those you are gifting to, bring them years of enjoyment, and make both parties proud to be part of the 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission.   See the live counter of how many bottles have been rescued by the team at  Subscribe here to see their latest and greatest products.


If you have any questions about a gift, project, or anything in general hit us up at


Cheers! ~ Ray DelMuro, Refresh Glass founder and owner