Join Us On Our 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission

Unique Customized Promotional Items that get rescued from landfills instead of getting thrown in them

Drinkware and Decor made from rescued wine bottles. Refresh Products appeal to virtually any taste with clean modern lines and the great story behind where they came from. Put your brand on something you can be proud of that won’t just get tossed away or stuck in a drawer.

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Refresh Quality

Finished for both Beauty and Durability — With smooth, comfortable, melted rims the unique Refresh process creates pieces that embody style, function, and purpose.

Exceptional Quality & Value

Truly astounding durability and solid feel, means much less need for replacement from breakage, equating to great value. (Dishwasher safe for sure!)

Memorable & Unique Gifts for Anyone

Refresh products appeal to all different tastes and styles, making a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays or almost any occasion.

A Variety of Colors and Sizes

Choose from a wide variety of different product designs, sizes, and colors.

Passion & Purpose

We are devoted to collecting, transforming and reusing thousands of bottles each week, continually working toward fulfilling our 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission.

100% rescued, 100% Made in the USA

All of our empties are collected from our local community and transformed in the U.S.A. Many of our competitors buy new and call them repurposed, doing nothing to divert actual bottles from the waste stream.

Customizable for Any Occasion

Custom laser etching is available for almost all of our products allowing you to make each piece uniquely yours.

Customized Products