Join Us On Our 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission

Combining our passions for Engineering and Art

If you had to choose between a healthy meal with sustenance or a one that tastes great which would you prefer? If you are like most of us you want both, right?!
This pattern is all around us, wanting solutions that provide both logical and emotional value blended together. It is this same combination of utility and feeling that we work to infuse into every piece of functional art we create for you.

Collected from Local Bars & Restaurants

One of the best parts of this job is how much enthusiasm and support we get from our community. We feel incredibly lucky to collect our used bottles from some of the coolest local bars, restaurants and hotels in Arizona, and more importantly the people who run them. These partners are our lifeline and one of the most crucial parts of our rescue mission!

Conscious Capitalism

The Conscious Capitalism movement is one we strongly believe in and strive to live by every day in our business. The practice is a complementary pairing of the emotion and compassion of a charity with the horsepower and earning fiscal strength of a corporation. Conscious Capitalism utilizes and promotes — both in theory and in practice — businesses that are for profit and self sustaining fiscally, while serving the community as a stakeholder on multiple levels. Ray DelMuro, founder of Refresh Glass, is proud to serve on the board of directors for CCAZ and passionate about supporting the cause.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit the Conscious Capitalism website at or if you are in the state of Arizona and want to join us please visit

The Refresh Story

Refresh Glass, or at least the idea of it, was born in early 2008 at a kitchen table with a small, mail-order bottle cutting kit.  Within the first 5 minutes of using it I remember distinctly thinking, “There’s gotta be a better way to do this.”

This challenge was a followup to another major life turn that started 2 years before.  In 2006 I was doing everything I was supposed to: I had earned my degree five years before and was working as a manufacturing engineer for an aerospace company in Southern California. I was treated well at work and even lived a block away from the ocean in Huntington Beach, but something just wasn’t clicking.

I wanted to shake up the routine and take some time to piece together what I would do next. I circled a date on the calendar and took all the money I’d been saving and started my travels without a clear idea of how or when they would end.  

20 countries, 39 cities and a full year later I was back.  I had made it all the way around the world going east and had taken one of the best rides of my life. I  returned with many amazing stories and some very welcome newfound perspectives.

On certain occasions throughout that trip, I engaged in conversations where the person across from me would be talking about a profession or hobby that they enjoyed so much that they would lean forward with joy and talk with their whole body.

That’s what I wanted! A profession that, when I talked about it, generated a passion in me that people could see in my eyes, regardless of the words I chose.

The scariest part was that I had absolutely no idea how to do that.

That next year after returning to the States was probably the most frustrating of my life, trying to force a fit back in the engineering world, while all the time I introspectively puzzled about how to combine my passions for art, engineering, while supporting something bigger than just myself.

I took jobs in engineering and consulting that all ended in disappointment. I ended up immersing myself in entrepreneurship classes and got a bartending job so I could work on potential business ventures during the day.

Then it started.  In early 2008, having been back in the States for a year, I found that small bottle-cutting kit online. The kit contained a small scoring jig and a candle to separate the bottle, along with some sandpaper to smooth the sharp edges. The first glass took me hours to complete to my liking, and I knew there had to be a way to create really nice, smooth, melted rims.  My friends who saw the first few glasses I made at the house had such animated responses I immediately knew the glasses had untapped potential.

All of the bottles we use come directly from our community and are collected by businesses and individuals in our local area.  Our team has learned that if we can create passion and utility in the lives of others then it will help us have more in our own. And it’s carrying out this process with you by our side that we enjoy the most. You’re our most important partner and we couldn’t pull this off without you. Thank you for believing in and supporting us!

Cheers, Ray DelMuro — Owner & Founder, Refresh Glass
Find out more about our 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission!

The Refreshed Experience

  • The glasses are so cool. They never seem to ever break.

    Frank Perez, Banquets Manager, EPIC Hotel, Miami
  • These recycled wine bottle glasses have been well finished with a smooth edge. They have become our favorite 16 oz. glasses, and are used daily. We purchased several sets, as friends loved them, and they are making ideal gifts. Customer Review
  • Refresh Glass’s upcycled wine bottle products have proven to be one of our most popular sellers, mostly because they appeal to so many people and make great gifts for so many occasions: they’re perfect for avid recyclers and wine lovers, both guys and gals, people who appreciate ingenuity and resourcefulness; they’re a unique gift for house-warming and hostess gifts, weddings and birthdays.

    Kara Roschi, Co-owner, Practical Art
  • Our guests love the glasses! They give our servers a chance to engage more with them and explain our wine program. I love how durable they are… I order six cases of our standard pint glass for every one case of Refresh Glass.

    Tobyn Cochran, Rico's American Grill at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort
  • I love the look of these recycled glasses. The colors have a cool vintage/modern look that is stylish, yet casual enough to use everyday. Everyone who uses them at my house comments on how unique they are. These are my new favorite wine glasses! And my new go-to hostess or housewarming gift, too. Customer Review
  • The FireSky is a very green conscious resort and we have been using Refresh Glasses in our event areas and guest rooms for over 3 years. Our guests continually have animated responses to how fun and unique they are. We also sell their 4 packs in our gift shop which makes the glassware a great overall win for us. The partnership has been successful and I always look forward to what is coming next!

    Cheryl Martin, General Manager, Firesky Resort & Spa
  • We get a lot of compliments on these glasses. They are unusual and each a different size and feel. Just as important though, is that their rims where our lips go one, are polished and smooth. This is the best part. It’s a good, quality product. Customer Review

The Refresh Community

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