The 5 Best Housewarming Gifts That Are Thoughtful, Useful, and Eco-friendly

Why is it so hard to find the best housewarming gift that is truly unique and something people will actually use? I’ve had experiences where I go to a big box retailer and am roaming though the isles looking left and right just saying to myself nope these options are all too boring (to the point where I am about to be late, if I’m not late already).

I’ve compiled the top housewarming gifts from Refresh Glass to give you gift ideas and reduce some of the stress of shopping for the perfect gift.  All of the suggestions for gifts below are from Refresh Glass and are made from wine bottles as a part of their 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission (to save wine bottles from landfills).  All of the products are everyday usable, unique, and a fun story to tell and be a part of.   A steal at super reasonable price points for cool products that are truly unique and that you won’t find in a shopping center.

1. A flower vase that can doubles as a carafe:

2 carafes for housewarming giftshousewarming gift carafe from wine bottle

So much glass on the market is clear.   This leaves no room to give that special pop to whatever surface you put it on.   Wine bottles on the other hand come in different hues and have amazing earth tones that can complement almost any room. This vase is a great gift that will brighten up anyone’s new home. It’s a slam dunk for under $20.

Hint: also great for Mothers Days, Valentine’s day gifts, and after you did or said something dumb (which doesn’t make you a bad person, but on occasion it happens).  If you really messed up than make sure you bring this with flowers in it.

2. Specialty Bourbon, Scotch, or Cocktail Glasses:

best housewarming gift for bourbon lovers best bourbon glass housewarming gift

Do you know a household with humble inhabitants who like to have a drink after dinner?   If so these will be perfect!   Ice spheres are popular in the whiskey belt and the punt (bump in the bottom) holds the ice ball elevated so the valuable and delicious contents will be chilled on the way out without being diluted.   These are great conversation starters and a really unqiue way to share a drink with friends.  These come with the ice ball molds that you can put in the freezer as part of the package.   Can be ordered in a 2 or 4 pack.

Hint: also perfect for a Father’s Day gift or for a Groom or Groomsman gift.

3. The Refresh your Cupboard glasses set:

drinking glasses set gift for new home buyer housewarming present kitchen refresh

Who has been over to a friend’s house and their glass cupboard in the kitchen looks like the hodge podge of glasses they got were either from Goodwill or inherited from a grandparent who didn’t want them anymore?  Hey, these people got a new house so why not get them a house warming gift that their entire family will use, enjoy, and talk about all the time.   With the set you get 12oz and 16oz glasses made from wine bottles in a quantity of 4 each.   They also come in a mixture of colors.  Every bottle has a slightly different feel to it in terms of the diameter, weight and rim thickness.  Super safe around the little ones too since they are so sturdy and efficient to use since they are dishwasher safe.   This one is a crowd pleaser and a great all around option.

Hint:  also great for a wedding gift of for someone who has glasses that are older than they are.  Can withstand a college apartment too, but probably not a frat house, stick with plastic there.

4. Carafe and glass nesting sets for a nightstand or desk

carafe gift set

The glass rests on top of the carafe when not in use.   The design is very sleek and elegant in addition to being super handy.   This set is super diverse and can be used as a cocktail set in the kitchen or even as a water carafe! Many professionals use these at their desk for water and fill them up once in the morning and once at lunch and are good to go.

Hint: They can also be purchased 2 at a time for a wedding gift, especially as a gift for those who like wine too!   They need to hydrate… hangovers get worse as you get older.

5. The Refresh Glass Planter Housewarming Gift:

planter home warming gift self watering planter home gift

These are super cool and really popular.   They are three times green since they are made from both halves of the wine bottle, all of the packaging is used in the construction of the planter, and the plant it holds consumes carbon dioxide and creates oxygen.  Best part is that they look great either alone or in collections of odd numbers.  The plants that work best in these bottles are tropical varieties, herbs, and African Violets, since they both like to be watered from the bottom and have constantly moist soil.

Check out this video with Sun City Arizona celebrity Grandma Lorraine.   She was selected as retirement community’s athlete of the year and also bakes some of the meanest monster cookies on the planet(… Earth).   She makes amazing fresh squeezed OJ too.   I didn’t include her last name on here because I didn’t want her to run out of OJ, call me selfish.  Watch her and I putting together some Refresh Planters on this video here.  She is a pro and has a plant that is over 4 years old in the same planter!

Hint: Great for anyone who loves live plants, and for grandmas.  Even if they are moving into the retirement community to break athletic records like my grams, they like a nice housewarming gift too…

We hope you enjoyed these suggestions and that one or many of them make you look good to those you are gifting to, bring them years of enjoyment, and make both parties proud to be part of the 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission.   See the live counter of how many bottles have been rescued by the team at

If you have any questions about a gift, project, or anything in general hit us up at

Cheers! ~ Ray DelMuro, Refresh Glass founder and owner