Join Us On Our 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission

Those who repeatedly seek out our products are your customers, too.

Beautiful & Durable Gifts that Give

Our products make great gifts with broad appeal, often falling within the $15-$30 range, providing a unique, memorable and affordable purchase for your customers.

From Drinkware to Decor

Because of their sturdiness and simplicity Refresh Glass pieces are often used for a variety of purposes and can be purchased in sets or as individuals.

Perfect for Wine-lovers

Wine culture is only growing in popularity, and it comes with an army of loyal fans always on the lookout for wine related purchases and gifts.

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Refresh Your Customers

Get instant positive reactions from customers. People instantly respond to the beauty and comfort of the glasses and they love the “cool factor” of drinking from glasses made from used wine bottles

So durable that our hotel and restaurant clients tend to only reorder a couple times a year (As opposed to monthly reorders of standard commercial glassware)

By using Refresh Glass products, wholesale and hospitality clientele are a fundamental part of our “10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission” and greatly increase sustainability presence at their own properties


Memorable Conversation Pieces

Smooth, Comfortable Melted Rims

Incredibly Durable

Dishwasher Safe


Customization Available


The Refreshed Experience

  • The glasses are so cool. They never seem to ever break.

    Frank Perez, Banquets Manager, EPIC Hotel, Miami
  • These recycled wine bottle glasses have been well finished with a smooth edge. They have become our favorite 16 oz. glasses, and are used daily. We purchased several sets, as friends loved them, and they are making ideal gifts.

    Web Customer Review
  • Our guests love the glasses! They give our servers a chance to engage more with them and explain our wine program. I love how durable they are… I order six cases of our standard pint glass for every one case of Refresh Glass.

    Kara Roschi, Co-owner, Practical Art
  • I love the look of these recycled glasses. The colors have a cool vintage/modern look that is stylish, yet casual enough to use everyday. Everyone who uses them at my house comments on how unique they are. These are my new favorite wine glasses! And my new go-to hostess or housewarming gift, too.

    Tobyn Cochran, Rico's American Grill at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort
  • The FireSky is a very green conscious resort and we have been using Refresh Glasses in our event areas and guest rooms for over 3 years. Our guests continually have animated responses to how fun and unique they are. We also sell their 4 packs in our gift shop which makes the glassware a great overall win for us. The partnership has been successful and I always look forward to what is coming next!

    Cheryl Martin, General Manager, Firesky Resort & Spa
  • We get a lot of compliments on these glasses. They are unusual and each a different size and feel. Just as important though, is that their rims where our lips go one, are polished and smooth. This is the best part. It’s a good, quality product.

    Web Customer Review

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